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Welcome to Huizen!

The Nautical Quarter (the lime kilns, the Botter Wharf, a blacksmith, a Nautical center) and the atmospheric old village. It’s a real trip through history in some areas, but then with the convenience of modern-day entertainment and refreshments. It’s great fun and a cosy place to be.

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Home General information

Welcome to Huizen, Harbour of ’t Gooi!

In the Nautical Quarter, the harbour of Huizen, there are plenty of interesting sights in your direct surroundings, such as the lime kilns, the Botter Wharf with a blacksmith, restaurants and cafes, beaches along the Zomerkade and boat, bike and scooter rentals for exploring the surroundings further. There are several biking and walking routes that leave from here out into the Gooi. Huizen has the beautiful Gooi forests, heathland and lakes on all sides. For the more adventurous visitors, you can also choose for go-karting, laser gaming or a trip to the Adventure Indoor Climbing Park. There’s a challenge for everyone!
From the TOP, the old town center of Huizen is within walking and biking distance, with its historical farms, fishers’ homes, the Huizer Museum and the “Huizer Milkmaid”. If you are planning to visit for a few days, then there are two fantastic hotels that overlook the Gooimeer Lake, numerous B&Bs and camping grounds. It’s a real trip through history in some areas, but then with the convenience of modern-day entertainment and refreshments. It’s great fun and a cosy place to be. Go explore!

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Map of direct surroundings
Home Directions and parking

From A1, exit 8 Blaricum/Huizen – after the exit, turn left. Then at the stoplight, turn right towards Blaricum/Huizen (N527). Continue straight on and, from the next stoplight, follow the signs for “Oude Haven/Nautisch Kwartier”. Free parking.

Number of parking spaces Nautical Quarter: 100+ (free). Several handicapped parking spaces. The parking lot is made of bricks. In the area, on the road, IJsselmeerstraat, there is a possibility to park your camper van (next to the Coronel Sport Center).

Home By public transportation

With the Connexxion bus line 107 (runs from the NS train station in Hilversum). Get off at the Energieweg bus stop. From this stop it is a 5-minute walk to the destination.

Home Charging point(s) Bike rent

1 charging point for E-bikes at the Nautical Quarter.
Location charging point: De Kalkovens (Fletcher hotel)

Bike rental is possible at the Fletcher hotel, with both regular bikes and E-bikes. You can also rent bikes at the boat rental shop at the Nautical Quarter (Zwaardklamp, Huizen). Another option for bike rental is the Hampshire Hotel Newport (Labradorstroom, Huizen).

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Home Activities in the area

Visit the Botter Wharf
Havenstraat 313, Huizen. Historical authentic wharf where you find Blacksmith Vuurspetters and historical Huizer fishing ships called ‘Botters’, which you can take out on your own just a few times per year, and otherwise available for rental by groups.

For questions and information: tel. 06-81863748.

Old town of Huizen
Just a short walk away, you can experience the charming old town of Huizen with, among other things, a very nice (QR) walking tour to relive the history of the Huizer Milkmaid and visit the little boutiques and restaurants and cafes along the way. Follow the signs for “Centrum” from this TOP to reach the town center and be sure to stop by the VVV tourist office in the Huizer Museum (Address: Achterbaan 82) for some fun tips.

Huizer Museum The Schoutenhuis
At this same address (Achterbaan 82) you can visit the Huizer Museum. The Huizer Museum The Schoutenhuis is a fantastic museum of culture and history that portrays, preserves and manages the history of Huizen. Additionally, there is also a display of contemporary art and a nice VVV/museum shop. Worth a visit!

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VVV Huizen

Coronel Go Karting /Adventure Climbing Hall/Lasergame/Sport Center /Indoor Skiing Address Havenstraat 295 and IJsselmeerstraat 314. De Wolfskamer Indoor Skiing is located behind the Coronel Sport Center

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Boat rental and boating on the Gooimeer Lake
You can rent a motorboat in the Nautical Quarter. From here it’s possible to head out on the Gooimeer Lake: stop off at one of the islands or make a trip to Almere, Naarden or Spakenburg if you like. Taking a ride on a historical Gooi tender is also possible for groups up to 20 people. Address: Zwaardklamp, Huizen.

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At Hotel Fletcher there are two boats for hire: a powerboat and a tender. You will always be accompanied by a captain. It is not possible to take the boats out on your own.

Sailing trip on the Huizer Botters
Sail on one of the last four remaining Botters of Huizen. In September, the Huizer Botter Days take place. On the final day, it is possible to sail along on one of the ships. It is also possible to rent the Botters for groups of up to 12 people.

Click here for more information about the Huizer Botters Foundation.

Beaches for swimming and Zomerkade

Next to the Nautical Quarter you will find one of the best inland water beaches of the Netherlands. From the boulevard the Zomerkade, full of restaurants and terraces, a wide stretch of sand turns into vast lawns for sunbathing. This is also a good beach for surfing.

Sijsjesberg Swimming Pool
The best outdoor swimming pool of ‘t Gooi! This pool has a unique location, between the forest and the heathland. You’re sure to find a spot out on the large lawn or sun terrace with sunbeds.

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Recreational area De Wolfskamer with running track
There is a running track at the De Wolfskamer recreational area, at the edge of the forest. Spread throughout the grounds, there is a trail set up with a number of sporting exercises. De Wolfskamer is also the perfect spot for a stroll. From the running track, you are a short walk away from the Naarder Eng of the Gooi Nature Reserve with several walking paths that take you towards the Naarden Fortress.

Take a ride with the Eemlijn Bicycle Boat
At the beginning of the harbour (close by bicycle junction 77) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays around 2:00 p.m., you can take the Eemlijn Bicycle Boat (“Eemlijn Fietsboot”). As the name suggests, you are able to take your bike on board and can get off at any of the three stops for a bicycle trip back to Huizen. The boat docs around 2:00 p.m. in the harbour of Huizen and departs again not much later in the direction of Amersfoort. It takes you past the Gooimeer and the Eem and you can get off at the Eemdijk (3:15 p.m.), Baarn (4:15 p.m.) and Soest (5:15 p.m.) or at the final stop, Amersfoort. It is not possible to make reservations.
Bicycle route suggestions to get back to Huizen via the junction network can be found on the Eemlijn website: Click here.

Oud Valkeveen Play Park
Large play park and pancake house. There are slides, windmills, jungle gyms and much, much more. A great place to spend the day with the kids. The park is located in Naarden, walking distance from TOP Huizen via the Waterkering Path, following the section Huizen – Oud Valkeveen (4 km).

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Home Restaurants and hotels


De Haven van Huizen Havenstraat 81, Huizen, tel. 035 - 524 03 69

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Restaurant De Kalkovens Havenstraat 311, Huizen, tel. 035 524 44 56,

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Dickens (pancake house) Havenstraat 315, Huizen, Mon-Sun from 10:30 a.m.

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CornelisZ Vaarboom 1, Huizen, Mon-Sun from 9:00 a.m. until midnight. (Fri until 1:00 a.m.)

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J-restaurant Mastspoor 1, Huizen, Mon-Sun from 12:00 p.m.

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Riva wijnlounge Mastspoor 1, Huizen, Mon-Sun from 10:00 a.m.

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Fletcher Hotel Mastspoor 1, Huizen, tel. 0347 - 75 04 65 – possibility to rent bicycles, electric scooters and boats.

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Hampshire Hotel Newport Labradorstroom 75, Huizen, tel. 035 528 96 00 – possibility to rent bicycles.

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Home Hotels en B&B's in the area

Fletcher Hotel Mastspoor 1, Huizen, tel. 0347 - 75 04 65 .

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Hampshire Hotel Newport Labradorstroom 75, Huizen, tel. 035 528 96 00 

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B&B Buitenminsen Oud Huizerweg 44-46, Naarden (close to Huizen), tel. 035 526 69 36

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B&B Aan Het Water Harderwijkerzand 8, Huizen, tel. 035 525 27 14

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B&B Krek Wok Wou Ruijtersstraat 70, Huizen, tel. 035 525 70 96

B&B Heidelberg Handellaan 6 Huizen, tel. 035 526 83 28

B&B Family Drion Koedijk 16, Huizen tel. 035 525 59 40

B&B J. Alberga Nieuw Bussummerweg 246, Huizen, tel. 035 694 91 86

B&B N. Smits Leeuwebek 11, Huizen, tel. 035 525 01 66

Home Walking routes

At walking distance from this TOP, in the old town of Huizen, you can follow the Huizer Milkmaid walking route. As you walk along, scan the QR codes to uncover the story of the miracle of the Huizer Milkmaid. The Museum sells fun booklets of this route, complete with short stories of Huizen.

Two other routes leave direclty from the TOP Nautical Quarter in Huizen. These are not short strolls through the area, but considerable longer hikes: the Waterkering Path and the North Holland Path. For both routes, you can set off from the parking lot across from the various restaurants and cafes the Nautical Quarter has to offer.

Getting to the Old Town of Huizen
You can follow the route to the center of Huizen with your smartphone.

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Overview of walking routes
Home Biking routes

From TOP Nautical Quarter, you can bike along several beautiful biking routes through the surrounding area.

Via the bicycle junction network two great routes have been identified for you: Around the Gooi Lake (49 km) and the Village Route ’t Gooi (28.5 km).
Look for bicycle junction 77 when you start at the TOP and go right, back to the beginning of the Havenstraat where you entered to arrive at the TOP. There, on the other side of the bridge on your right-hand side you will find the signpost for junction 77. From there you go right towards junction 80 and left for junction 76.

From here you can follow the ‘Full Ridge Loop, Heuvelrug 7’. This biking route leaves directly from the TOP information kiosk. The first signpost is just across the road.

With the button below you see a detailed description of the routes, including a digital map.

Overview of bicycle routes
Home TOP map of the area

Click on the button below for a full overview. The legend next to the map is only in Dutch.

Map of direct surroundings
Home Audio tour

Transform your visit to Huizen into a multimedia journey. Download the free Gooi & Vecht audio tour app for smartphones. Listen to numerous surprising stories as you walk, bike or sail along! You will find 1 tour through Huizen in this audio tour app.

- Huizer milkmaid walking route (only available in Dutch)

This audio tours can be downloaded for free as a component of the Gooi & Vecht audio tour app.

Click here for the Android version of the app.

Click here for the iOS (iPhone) version of the app.

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