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Welcome on the IJmeer (Lake IJ or IJ lake), maybe the most interesting piece of water in the Netherlands. It has been the route for vessels to and from Amsterdam, the stage for seabattles and famous for its the fishing grounds. Nowadays it is primarily a magnificent watersports area and gateway to the Gooi- and Vecht region.

Home The IJmeer, Where & What

The IJmeer lays between Amsterdam, the Flevo polders and the coast between Amsterdam and Muiderberg. It is one of the so called “Randmeren” and part of the IJsselmeer. The IJmeer has several harbors: Amsterdam, IJburg, Muiden, Muiderberg and Marina Muiderzand near Almere. For many birds it is an important resting area and it is also a very nice area for watersports and sports fishing.

<p>Lighthouse Island in the IJmeer</p>

Lighthouse Island in the IJmeer

Home Amsterdam Tourist Ferry

The Amsterdam Tourist Ferry sails to and from fortress island Pampus and Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot.
On board you can enjoy the view over the IJmeer with Almere, Muiderberg, Muiden, Amsterdam, Durgerdam, Light house Island and when the weather is good, the Marken light house on the horizon. The ferries are heated and equipped with lavatories. At the fully equipped bar you can get snacks, coffee, thee, soda's and beer/wine.

During the trip you can experience two special audio tours about the IJmeer you are sailing on and the Gooi- and Vecht region you are heading to. For the apple app, click HERE
For the android app click HERE

Pampus, Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot and the ferries are covered and thus even with bad weather you can enjoy this trip.

We depart from IJburg harbor, a new part of Amsterdam, very near the terminus of tram line 26 to IJburg, only 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central station. After leaving the tram at the IJburg stop, follow the rails into the Eva Besnyöstraat and take the first right into the Krijn Taconiskade.
You can take your bike (a rental bike or your own) on board the ferry (please contact us for a reservation for the bike!). Call for bike reservations and other information +31-20 427 8888 or email

The timetable for departures can be found HERE.

On fortress island Pampus, in the Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot and of course in Muiden itself, you can enjoy food and drinks in their museum's cafe or the local café's and restaurants in Muiden.
Before or after your trip with the ferry you can enjoy one of the local terraces in IJburg. And just around the corner is Blijburg Beach!

The ferry sails between April 2nd and October 30th Tuesday till Sunday (plus Easter Monday and Whit Monday). Departure is at 11.00 AM and you'll return in IJburg at 15.15 PM. In your ticket entrance to Pampus or Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot is included.

The information button will bring you to the Amsterdam Tourist Ferry website for more information and reservations.

<p>Fortress Island Pampus on the horizon.</p>

Fortress Island Pampus on the horizon.

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Home Fortress Island Pampus

Fortress Pampus can be visited with the Amsterdam Tourist Ferry (netrance fee included in your ferry ticket), but also when sailing your own boat or by using the Pampus ferry from Muiden. You'll have to buy a seperate ticket then.

Since 2011 fortress island Pampus houses the Xperience, a multi layered experience of the history of fortress island Pampus and the Amsterdam Defence System. It is for anyone who likes water, adventure and history. With the plan of the fort you'll find your way through the empty spaces in the fort, filled with ancient stories. Then you'll find the museums presentation. There is new life in the fort there, driven by interactive multimedia. In sound and colour East Indiamen will be lying near Pampus and the Dutch will be fighting their struggle against the water again, but also using it for our defence.

The button “Fort Pampus website” will take you to their website with more information on opening hours, entrance fees, exhibitions and other possibilities.

<p>Fortress island Pampus from the air</p>

Fortress island Pampus from the air

Fort Pampus website
Home The fortified town Muiden

Besides Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot, the fortified town of Muiden has a lot to offer visitors. Walk the nature path along the fortress Westbatterij and enjoy the view over the IJsselmeer, take place on one of the terraces of the cafe's on the Herenstraat to watch traffic passing the Great Locks in the River Vecht or explore the fortifications of Muiden.            In Muiden you'll find a number of important defence works like fortress island Pampus, Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot and barracks and bunker in and around the town. Pampus and Amsterdam castle have their own page in the mobile site with more specific visitor information.

Starting in Muiden, you can bike the 27 kilometer long shortened Fortress Stretch bicycle route. This route can perfectly be combined with a trip with Amsterdam Tourist Ferry from IJburg to Muiden and back as the time between arrival of the ferry and departure from Muiden is 2,5 hours and the bike tour will take 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Might you want to do this tour, passing the fortified towns of Muiden, Weesp and Naarden and the fortifications of the Dutch Waterline and Amsterdam Defence Line, you can find it HERE.

If you have brought your bike onboard the Amsterdam Tourist Ferry, it is possible to cycle back to Amsterdam using the “Gardens of Amsterdam” bicycle route. This 20 km route will take you through Diemen and will end at the Amsterdam Central Station. You can find this tour HERE.

<p>Fortified town of Muiden and Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot</p>

Fortified town of Muiden and Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot

Home Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot

The Muiderslot is a true Medieval castle with stories about knights and noble ladies, but also poets and writers and of course about the man with whom the whole history of the castle started: Count Floris V of Holland.
Experience the history of the castle: the knights route will take you through the West tower to the Armoury with the showcase filled with armour and weapons. Along the route, in the Great Hall, you can take a picture as a noble lady, a jester or a squire. The Tower route is all about de defence of the castle and you have a mignificent view of the historic gardens, herb garden and kitchen garden. Here historic vegetables are grown. Join the guided tour throught the castle and the Golden Age which is included in the entry fee.

From the Castles jetty where the ferry arrives, it is just a five minute walk to the Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot. The entrance fee for the castle is included in your ferry ticket.

The button below “Website Amsterdam Castle” will take you to the website of the castle. It contains all information you might need for a visit of the castle: special programms, exhibitions, events and other possibilities as a visitor..

<p>Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot at the mouth of the Vecht River</p>

Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot at the mouth of the Vecht River

Amsterdam Castle website
Home Biking the Fortress Stretch

The fortress stretch is the remarkable historic area on the east side of Amsterdam, with old fortified towns like Muiden, Weesp and Naarden, with many 19th century forts belonging to defence lines like the Dutch Waterline and the Amsterdam Defence Line and with the many, many concrete pillboxes you'll find dotting the landscape.
For many centuries this was the most important defence for the rich trading city of Amsterdam and many millions of guilders were spent on making this an impregnable frontline.

Visit this remarkable are by bike, in a boat or hiking and explore the power and beauty of the Fortress Stretch!

The short Fortress Stretch bicycle tour of little over 27 kilometers and 1 takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. It uses the Dutch bicycle waypoint system. You just cycle from waypoint to waypoint and follew the green signs along the route. You can start at waypoint 16 in Muiden and then follow the waypoints as mentioned here: 16, 17, 18, 33, 34, 37, 47, 45, 44 and return to 16 in Muiden. Waypoint 16 can be found at the intersection of the Amsterdamsestraatweg and the Weesperweg. Click HERE for a map of that location.

An example of the route on the map plus downloads can be found HERE.

More information on the Fortress Stretch can be found on the mobile website "Explore the Fortress Stretch" under the button below.

Audio tours of the Fortress Stretch bicycle tour and the fortified town of Naarden hike can be found HERE for iOs and HERE for android.

<p>Fortress Uitermeer near Weesp on the River Vecht.</p>

Fortress Uitermeer near Weesp on the River Vecht.

Explore the Fortress Stretch!
Home Fortress Stretch impression

This video of the Fortress Stretch gives you a nice impression of the riches of this remarkable area, possibly when you bike the Fortress Stretch tour.

Mobile site Fortress Stretch
Home Multi-media tours on board

On board of the vessels of the Amsterdam Tourist Ferry you can listen to two specially made multi-media tours about the IJmeer and the surrounding area.

The free Gooi & Vecht tour app (for IOS and Android) helps you in using these tours. Once on dry land again, you can use the app to find other interesting tours on the region.

<p>The special Gooi &amp; Vecht tour app with for instance two tours while sailing on the IJmeer.</p>

The special Gooi & Vecht tour app with for instance two tours while sailing on the IJmeer.

Audio tours IJmeer and region
Home Biking to Amsterdam

When you take the Amsterdam Tourist Ferry to Muiden, you can bring a bike (your own or a rental bike from Amsterdam) and cycle back to Amsterdam along the 20 - 25 kilometer long "Dutch Waters Cycle tour" ". This route will take you along all (small) rivers and canals in the region and will bring you back to Amsterdam Central Station.

You can also bike the Fortress Stretch route (27km) which will bring you back to Weesp where you can follow the above mentioned bicycle route to Amsterdam. The Fortress Stretch route can be found HERE.

The button at the bottom of the page will bring you to the route site.

Both bicycle routes start at waypoint 16 of which you can find a map HERE.

Want to rent a bike in Amsterdam? That can be done at five locations of MacBike in the centre of Amsterdam or at Rent-a-bike

<p>Biking from Muiden to Amsterdam through beautiful Weesp!</p>

Biking from Muiden to Amsterdam through beautiful Weesp!

Bicycle tour back to Amsterdam
Home Region Gooi & Vecht

If you arrived in Muiden with the Amsterdam Tourist Ferry, you've come to the maybe most diverse region of Holland.

With all different landscapes and nature like woods, heath, a beautiful coastline, polders, lakes and the pitoresque river Vecht.

In the old fortified towns like Naarden, Muiden and Weesp you'll be able to get a whiff of history and culture and in places like Huizen, Bussum, Hilversum, Laren you can shop, dine, wander around and enjoy architecture.

The region is specially well suited to explore by bike, hiking, canoëing or skeelering. And of course sailing or boating on the Dutch lakes or the Vecht is a pleasure in itself.

Do you want to learn more about this fascinating region? The website presents all information for your visit.

The mobile website for the region can be found under the button below.

<p>The beautiful estate of Trompenburgh in the Gooi &amp; Vecht region.</p>

The beautiful estate of Trompenburgh in the Gooi & Vecht region.

Website Gooi & Vecht
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Home Bicycle junction system

The Dutch bicycle junction system is very simple. There are more than 7600 numbered junctions all over the Netherlands.

You can make your own route by following a set of numbers you have prepared on a map (or online) or by looking at the junction map that can be foudn at each junction.

You'll bike from junction to junction by following the numbered signs along the route. At each junction there is a regional map so you can see where you are and where to cycle to next.

<p>Example of the bicycle system in the Gooi &amp; Vecht region</p>

Example of the bicycle system in the Gooi & Vecht region